“DJ-Jamatoum” says the reason for the delay is to stay in detention.

“DJ-Jamatoum” The reason for postponing the police statement is to stay in custody until January 17th and re-examine the quid for safety.

Progress on the case, Mr. Teachint Floyd, or the D.J.C.M.T.M.M.M., please refer the matter to the investigators at the Cloud Ridge and acknowledge the charges. Infection and Emergency School misconduct in the event of a birthday party at a fancy hotel in the area, as already announced.

“Djamatum” postponed police statements for the party, asking for time to heal Kovid-19.

Last time, this week, the D.J.C.C.M. posted an explanation for the postponement, stating that one had to be kept in detention until the doctor ordered it.This 17th century, which itself sent an e-mail to the Cloud Field Office, is now complete.

an opinion on the matter

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