Eating Almonds Reduces Hunger, Lowering Your Overall Calorie Intake

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Eating Almonds Reduces Hunger, Lowering Your Overall Calorie Intake
Almonds are low in carbs and high in protein and fiber.

Both protein and fiber are known to increase feelings of fullness. This can help you eat fewer calories (33Trusted Source, 34).
One four-week study in 137 participants showed that a daily 1.5-ounce (43-gram) serving of almonds significantly reduced hunger and the desire to eat (35Trusted Source).
Numerous other studies support the hunger-fighting effects of nuts (36Trusted Source).

While nuts are low in carbs, they are high in protein and fiber. Studies show that eating almonds and other nuts can increase fullness and help you eat fewer calories.

Almonds May Be Effective For Weight Loss
Nuts contain several nutrients that your body struggles to break down and digest.
Your body does not absorb about 10–15% of the calories in nuts. Additionally, some evidence suggests that eating nuts can boost metabolism slightly (37Trusted Source).
Due to their satiating properties, nuts are a great addition to an effective weight loss diet.
Quality human research supports this.

Though almonds are high in calories, eating them doesn’t seem to promote weight gain. Some studies even suggest the opposite, showing that almonds can enhance weight loss. ufabet

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