Employee boy found a mystery knife in the cemetery, believed to be a black magic knife.

A construction Employee man at the whaling station in Moon J.Kyong Palace District found a short knife in a cemetery near Meru, near a market place that was smashed in, so he kept it and kept it believed to be sacred to protect against the evil of black magic players.

A 37-year-old Indian warrior said to meet by chance near the southwest of February 3rd as he walked through a cemetery near a burning temple when he picked up a half-sized blade of a line with a yellow ribbon wrapped around a knife handle and a tight old rubber leather.Thick, when the sheep see the antelope in the shape of a dragon or a future.

It is thought to be the knife of a man of black magic, who is supposed to belong to a merchant in the marketplace, and when asked to find the knife owner on the counter and find out who owns the knife, it was kept in the belief that such a knife would protect against a demon ghost.

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