Extremely violent, arresting two young San Francisco boys for assaulting a man in ’84.

Extremely violent, San Francisco police arrested two teenage girls in an 84-year-old Thai man’s case, assaulted to death.

Siamtown U.S. reported that San Francisco police arrested

19-year-old Anton Watson, a Delhi City citizen, on the 30th of June in a police station.The murder suspect

a 84-year-old Thai male, was forced to hit cement floors while walking along the streets of Ansa Vista and Fortuna in the town of Ansa Vista near

the University of San Francisco, following a tragedy that occurred around 8.30 a.m. on the 28th.

The assault case was recorded by a neighbor’s security camera, which was later handed over to the police as a running suspect.Crossing the street

pushing the victim down to the cement floor before walking away, the video still shows no talk, no provocation, no motive for attack.

After the incident, the officer rushed the subject to the hospital, but the subject was seriously ill and died two days later.

Antoine Watson was originally charged with three felonies: murder, assault on the elderly

and assault with a deadly weapon.So, besides, the police have arrested 20-year-old

Maylasia Gu, the victim’s girlfriend, who was driving the fugitive as an accomplice in this murder.

In light of this tragic incident, your family has made a donation page for a funeral at the GofundMe website

which details on the page that you are an elderly man with poor eyesight, almost invisible to family members

and that the cause of the murder is the Asian behavior that occurred after the mutiny.the outbreak of Kovid-19.

“Our family has suffered multiple verbal attacks since the outbreak of the epidemic, but this time

it’s serious,” and that “Asian racist behavior has become a great danger to all Asian-Americans, especially in San Francisco, it’s time for the authorities to take it seriously.”

The family’s message on page Gofundme calls on Asian families, including friends and neighbors of Asian families

to help phone San Francisco’s District 29 prosecutor, Chesa Bodan, to urgently demand that this despicable case be dealt with.

“The perpetrator was identified and arrested for assault, but then released, and now

the subject is dead from injuries. Murderous hate crime is the only way to bring justice and security to the community.” The message on GoFundMe stated,

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