I’ve been distracted. I’ve only been in school for 20 minutes.

distracted A reporter from the mother-in-law’s office reported

that the mayor of the mother-in-law had ordered the principal of the school in the mother-in-law’s

office to inform parents who were bringing

their children to school in all five municipal districts of several other elementary schools to attend school on

the first day of closing is February 1st, 19th. Due to the outbreak of the 19th Covid virus in one of the school’s schoolchildren in the municipal distracted, there are now three to five.

The administration is aiming to prevent the initial outbreak by issuing

a school drop-out order and allowing parents to bring their children back to their homes at 8:00 a.m. after respecting the flag.

Most recently, Mr. Primatez, governor of the State of the State, ordered schools in the motherland of all schools to stop teaching, which caused

a stir for parents who brought their children to school because of the sudden closure of schools, where some parents had just gone to work but had to return home to pick up their children.

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