Jean-Baptiste B.B.C., falsely claiming revenge against the United Kingdom without a license.

The Chinese Radio and Television Administration announced Thursday that B.B.C. World News was banned from broadcasting in China.

And the reason why the BBC is not broadcasting is because the BBC is reporting the situation.In China, by violating the media’s integrity and integrity, especially the history of Xinjiang and the Chinese government’s handling of the outbreak of Corona 2019 (Kovid-19) virus.

On January 4, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the B.B.C. of presenting false news.

In the past, the Chinese government has often said it’s tired of the b.B.C.’s distorted reports that there are women in the Uighur attitude camp in their own jurisdiction.Song Xinjiang was raped, sexually assaulted and tortured.

an opinion on the matter

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