Journalist, Division of Jang-yib, in interrogation of the patient.

Journalist The mayor of Bangkok, the mayor of Bangkok

revealed the release of Timeline, the Covid-19 infected patient information from Bangkok, that Timeline was a procedural and legal process before it was made public.

The procedure starts when an infected patient is admitted to hospital, the medical staff will investigate the history and

the risk area the patient was in, and then issue

a medical questionnaire or novel to hand over to the control unit.The contagious disease and Bangkok are known to be infected.

Later, after the department received


the NOVEL form and learned that there were infected patients, the Department of Health

will conduct further investigations into the disease and propose a joint work to consider the next public release of the timeline.

The department also revealed that since the 20th of Q63-28 64 of the patients were found infected, 735 of them questioned

the infected until the 27th of Q64 and 727 of them were from overseas patients

treated in hospitals.That‘s 153 people in the department and 574 people in the area.

Surveys have found that most infections in the country are caused by contact

with family or work-related patients, visits to entertainment centers, and market and community outreach.

Today, the discovery of Timeline, an infected member of the Department

who has already completed his medical investigation, adds 15 more patients, 659-670 of whom

were found to be male, 3 years old, and employed by the military.Coffee and clothing salesmen at Iconsham include.

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