“Kalmar” is still quiet after two summons for an extra food ad.

“Kalmar” is still silent after two notices were issued for food supplements, face-to-face adjustments

“Kalmar” and coquid’s advertising needs to be coordinated. P.D. Shannon, Detective Valy Pash, Deputy Chief of Police for consumer protection or conspirators, open up to the I.I. News Agency.The N.N.A. said that after the coup d’état issued a summons to Congressman Archpriest Bagemaz or Galamare,

the famous actress came in to hear the charges on January 28, 64 at 11:00 a.m.

In accordance with Section 40 of the Criminal Code

no advertiser shall be allowed to advertise any false or false quality or quality of food.Misrepresentation

undue delusions, and Section 41 of the Criminal Code, the commercial

the quality, or the quality of food broadcast by radio, television, film, or newspaper

or any other publication, for commercial gain, must bring sound, film, or text to the attention of the author.Consider that. It has not yet been coordinated by such a great actress.

This summons was a mistake to inform the vice president of

the case of a live movie star selling her own food supplements and saying to yourself

“I’m sorry.Eating and lifting, structural adjustment, and the case of identifying the person who can cure

Covid-19 by eating this supplemental meal, the initial course of treatment

has not yet been coordinated from the no. to the point of view.

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