The nine-year-old girlfriend broke into a girl’s condo, broke the door down.

nine-year-old One Facebook girl posted a report that eight to nine men armed with guns

nine-year-old knives, and beer bottles attacked themselves and their friends on the condo until their friends were seriously injured.

The victim was a 19-year-old student living in a condo in one of the neighborhoods of J.P.T.M.T.Hani

who was a former boyfriend who broke up about two months after dating for a year

and then a male problem.Jealousy has broken out

nine-year-old which is the second time that a friend has attacked a condo, and all the time when they’re seeing each other, they’ve been attacked, but they haven’t reported it, but it’s the worst, so they can’t let it go.

Around 9:00 p.m. on January 24, 2564

ex-boyfriend phoned through Facebook to get back on his feet, but he didn’t agree

and in that conversation, friends sat in the room chatting with both men and women. Less than five minutes later

the ex-boyfriend calls again and tells himself to come in front of the condo

and he asks himself why the boyfriend says to come down and then he looks through the glass from the condo and finds that his boyfriend comes with a group of eight friends who are walking into the condo, two of whom have been ambushed and then they enter the condo. They ran into the room and locked the door.

By a group of assailants, the elevator came to the fourth floor

which was my own living room, when two of my boyfriends walked out to clear it up

when my ex-boyfriend saw me come in, and, yes.A knife, a wooden bottle of beer, an immediate assault, left your senior friend with 24 wounds, 78 stitches.

Now, report to the Royal Consulate

and wait for the seriously injured brother to leave the hospital for questioning the condo’s security system

asking him why he let an outsider break into the condo and wait for the security footage from the condo before proceeding to the next step and to get the story to the end.

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