Open up five centuries of ancient pottery, rumble it’s an old cemetery.

Open up a five-centuries-old chronicle of kites, rumored to be the oldest cemetery in Lungbury.

On the 3rd of July, 64, the 4th squadron of

the city of Lombury found a stake in the cremation site.The ancient sheath

which looks like an elevated brick base in a square, has four steps with

the exception of the middle to put firewood

and put three steel lines in place to support the concrete coffin before setting fire to the fire at the bottom of the coffin,

where the temple said it was preserved, which was built since the late Renaissance.

Father St. Shue is considered one of

the greatest monks in the province of Lombury.One of your most specialized scientific disciplines is how to make a special kind of J.P. powder

which you erase yourself with a bone of seven wild beasts in it. His dust is strong with your buddha and in

the olden days, it was rumored that kites were the most powerful temple in Lungbury. For almost 60 years,

the kite-head temple has been used to burn thousands of people.

Although later on a new Meru was built, it still remains intact for his relatives to see how the incinerators of

the ancient times came to be, and there is a statue that reveals the truth of life, such as the statue of birth, age and death, and also the statue of Buddha and Buddha.

In addition, the temple preserves over 80 trees, small trees, large trees, several hundred years old trees, about four to five years old

giving the atmosphere an air of serenity but also bewildering to know that this place is an old cemetery

with a 59-year-old flag-bearer, which is a week or more than 20 years old.At this point, before building

this concrete, when the body is burned, it is placed on the fire and incinerated, creating an eye shadow

that sometimes shakes. But after the incinerator construction, these images disappeared, and when

the ceremony was over, there was only a pile of ashes and a few bones left.

You win the flag, saying that in the olden days people used to sail through the river of the Blessed Virgin Mary on

the opposite side of the kite, sometimes there were collapsing boats, sometimes dead people would burn them in temples

which in the early hours of the night or in the early hours of the morning people would have to pass through traffic to trade or buy things at

the market, and some people would be afraid of the secrets.

There’s a road that doesn’t pass through the temple, so the villagers use another route in traffic,

but even so, at nightfall. Not many people dare come through this area, probably because of the dark trees that make

the weather colder elsewhere, so they watch the palace, and there’s a lot of people talking about it.Found

a mystery, though this path may be a short one between the front and the back of the temple, but most villagers in the area choose to take a detour outside the temple, even if it’s a bit far. But it’s comforting.

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