The peppers aren’t real, but 200 kilos a day is expensive.

peppers (27 January 64) at the fresh market, three towns north of the city

the agricultural farm, which is the largest market for vegetables

had residents come to buy fresh vegetables and pickles to collect their food in prison

which now appears to be much higher than the original price of course.

By the wholesalers who bring freshpeppers to the market

they said earlier that freshpeppers were priced at 1,750 baht per bag per bag, 9.5 kilos per bag,

and that when they were brought back to the market

they would sell 200 kilos per kilogram

and when they arrived this week

the price of the pepperswas reduced to 1,250 baht per bag.If you’re going to split

the pepper into kilos, you’re going to have to sell it 150 baht a kilo.

The 59-year-old saint who sold one of the fresh vegetables at City Hall 3 said the reason

the freshpeppers were so expensive was because she had to buy the freshpeppers from the delivery lady

who delivered them 3 to 4 beans when thepeppers arrived and the other moms made

the price of the freshpeppers more expensive to sell using the market mechanism, but the customer…

I’ve come to buy thepeppers, and I understand why the expensive freshpeppers

were so expensive before we bought thepeppers for cooking, but now I’m buying lesspeppers for cooking

but thepeppers are still a farmer’s demand. Since the farmers like to eat spicy food, it is necessary to buy pickledpeppers for every meal.

On the other hand, the 60-year-old montipi, a farmer who came to buy chilipeppers for cooking

said freshpeppers have been expensive for a long time, but they have to buy fresh peppers for cooking

because they can’t find anything spicy to make chilipeppers.The chili goes to

the kitchen even though the chili is expensive, it has to buy the same fresh chili for the chili.

On the subject of color tourism, it was reported that rat poop in

the new city’s fresh market went up one baht per month and was criticized in that online society

according to preliminary investigation, it was not true that there was no such thing as a grocery store.Anyway

rat poop is not a control product, but if people find a sale that benefits the public

they can file a complaint on the 1569 expressway so the authorities can get to the fact-finding area.

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