“‘Selena’ at Ebertfest 2018”: RogerEbert.com Assistant

“‘Selena’ at Ebertfest 2018″: RogerEbert.com Assistant

“‘Selena’ at Ebertfest 2018”: RogerEbert.com Assistant Editor Nick Allen

penned this festival dispatch that covered a 21st anniversary

screening of Nava’s biopic, followed by a Q&A moderated by Monica Castillo and Claudia

Puig (click here to view the photo journal from Ebertfest 2018).

When discussing the film, Nava shared how much of the script comes from real stories

with Selena and her family, including the scene where Selena and her boyfriend Chris decide to elope.

He did mention one scene that was very much his own idea, ดูหนังออนไลน์ 

which is also one of the movie’s most powerful—a discussion that

Edward James Olmos’ patriarch Abraham has with Selena and brother Abie about being Mexican-American. Nava shared that he’s always wanted a way to put that idea across, of not feeling Mexican or American enough as Mexican-American.

As someone who was born on the border and grew up in San Diego but would go to Mexico “three times a week,”

Nava said “that’s my reality.” It’s clear years later how much the film means to so many people,

honoring Nava’s original goal of making a “universal human statement,”

but featuring people who do not see themselves often represented in popular media.

In sharing the moment he knew he wanted to make this film, Nava expressed that he was at first uncertain,

but then he saw a couple of young Latinas who were wearing Selena shirts.

When he asked them why they love Selena, they replied, “because she looks like us.”

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