Shocker girl! I found a syringe in the pig’s tongue. The visually impaired mother

found The poster girl put a needle in the pig’s tongue, and the visually impaired woman put it in her mouth, and she thought it was a bone.

(17gp) became a post spread all over the globe after Facebook user Joyce Sirisookgomol posted a cross-image.A large syringe in the pork, which her mother put in her mouth. But unfortunately, Mother thought it was a bone that got out before she swallowed it.

“Oh, I didn’t think I’d find it myself. I’ve seen the news so many times. The needle in the pork chops is sharp.I don’t know who’s to blame for the pork choppers or the pork chopters, but can’t you see?

The point is, I already ate it in my mouth. Well, she thought the bones would come out first. If you swallow them, you don’t want to think about it.L. Tomorrow, Aunt Pork Head. I’ll see you later.”

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Lau found a new case! Fellow from Thailand.Dokohid, in the car from the shi to the uppercut. I’m the Mekong Channel.

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