Sniping a tiger, a famous shooter, searching the house for a gun-bomb.

Sniping a tiger, a famous shooter, history of murder

finding a house full of explosives, expected to take up the job again.

On the 3rd of July, last afternoon, police officers in the 5th Precinct and police officers in the doghouse were over 10.

You’ve broken into 18th and 3rd precinct, Thai barracks, Imperial Palace, because it’s been discovered that 39-year-old Goshintar, known in the business as the “Tiger,” who was recently acquitted of murdering an adult several years ago after being released

lived in this house and was heavily armed.In the Mountain Police Area.

Eight agents were in the process of tracking their behavior until there was information that weapons had been collected and that they could be hired to kill their victims again.

After the attack, the officer found Mr. Gozint or “Tiger” standing in front of the house when he saw the officer trying to escape. But the scouts caught him, found him carrying 11 millimeter guns, 11 millimeter bullets, and then arrested

Mr. Gozintre and searched the halfway house for a single shotgun, 22 millimeter long guns, 100 millimeter long guns,

and one more nine millimeter long guns with multiple bullets.Ten rounds. And a lot of weaponry equipment, four other radios, and then the police arrested

Mr. Gozint or the tiger for a case at the doghouse.However, initially

Mr. Gozintr denied that all the weapons were his own, while the authorities found that only one of these legally registered containers belonged to Mr. Gozintr, and the rest to illegal weapons, so the authorities seized the ammunition to sample the cases that occurred in the area and arrested

Mr. Gozint or Mr. Sew.go on with one’s legal proceedings

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