This Super Smart Use of Quartz Makes Your Furniture Look Built In

This Super Smart Use of Quartz Makes Your Furniture Look Built In

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From the most central elements to the smallest details,
tapping into nature was key for the designers behind the 2020 Whole Home Concept Home,
an annual House Beautiful project that showcases the latest and greatest in creating a healthy home.
“Overall, we really wanted to bring the outdoors in and grasp that Colorado lifestyle,”
says Andrea Schumacher of Andrea Schumacher Interiors, who designed the dining room.
Also referred to as the “treehouse room” because of it’s ultra-tall, sloping ceilings and playful addition of a swing.

Schumacher worked to emphasize the green hues from the surrounding area throughout the space and make it feel like “living in a forest.”

“We didn’t want it to be stuffy like a formal dining room,” she recalls.

“We wanted it to be a place where you could sit and hang out for a long time to have drinks with friends and chit-chat.

We tried to envelop the space with the lighting and make it feel a little bit cozier.”

Further drawing on the stunning Colorado landscape for inspiration,

as well as materials that reflected it, Schumacher came up with an imaginative use for quartz in her design scheme.

By repurposing a vintage dresser and installing a thick slab of Caesarstone’s 5111 Statuario Nuvo quartz in a honed finish over it

, she created a built-in countertop look that completely shifted the feel of the original furniture and created a useful showpiece for the space.

“By using the rosewood credenza and tree-covered wallpaper, it gave the area a natural look,”

Schumacher explains. “Adding the quartz on top of the dresser was a really functional solution because it’s such a hardy material for a busy space.” สถาปนิก

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