The courier guy crashed into a Benz, and the whole big bike burned down.

The courier boy ran into a Benz, the big bike burned down, the body hit the floor.

At 00:30 a.m. (28 a.m. 64) the Marine Corps and

the City Council were notified.One Ranger died, two injured in a triathlon in the town of J.N.T.bury, with a doctor from the science institute and a taekwondo foundation.

The crime scene is 2 lanes, found a silver Benz Bronze sedan, number 2882 in

the area.The front left front tire ruptured, left front tire ruptured, nearing the Big Bike, black Versace Cawasaki, number 846 in number,

the car was burned at about 50 meters from the next known dead body was a 29-year-old Mr. Thirong, wearing a swan suit.The life of a skull fracture on a body with bruises, injured passengers on two Benz vehicles, a transport safety deposit box.

According to the investigation,

the said Benz drove into a stormy alley on Rutthibes Road, and the car was a J.B.I.

The bikers were speeding home, colliding with

the front left section of the Benz, causing the shuttle to crash on the roadside,

the body of the mule bounced out of the car, hit the road dead, and the J.J. set fire to

the entire Benz driver and passenger, injured.The Jaws were delivered to the hospital.

Then, the fire department of Tripoli took one of

the fire trucks with water to stop the car.It took about 20 minutes for the fire to set in motion, and the police first checked the evidence at the crime scene to find out the real cause of death.

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