What Is Netflix’s New Sci-Fi Show ‘The One’? According to ‘The One,

What Is Neflixt’s New Sci-Fi Show ‘The One’ ? According to ‘The One,

Details on Netflix's New Series 'The One' - PureWow

As we sail on into the future, technology is dictating our lives more and more. Ads hound us on social media,

viral videos affect political movements, and dating apps have made it that much easier to make connections.

But what if it was even easier to find true love without all the trial and error? Netflix’s new science-fiction drama series

The One introduces a near future rocked by a new technology that promises to find every person their perfect match, but setting people up with ‘The One’ isn’t as simple as they claim.

If you’ve seen The One trending on Netflix’s Top 10 this week and have been wondering if you should give it a shot,

here are the basics: Rebecca Webb (Hannah Ware) is the brilliant and statuesque CEO of The One,

a genetics company that promises to “match” people with their soulmates with just a simple DNA test.

She and her handsome partner Ethan (Wilf Scolding) make a convincing case for the service, which, for all intents and purposes,

seems to work exactly as advertised, measuring genetic data found in chromosomes (somehow) to find a person’s ideal partner.

Obviously, not everything is as it seems.

Matching sounds nice on paper, but the reality of it is more insidious. The show, based on John Marrs’ bestselling novel,

follows a few different people who decide to try it out for themselves:

a woman already in a relationship wants to see if her husband could get matched with someone else;

another woman matches with a woman whose deeply hidden secrets are exposed by a terrible accident.

When the remains of someone from Rebecca’s past are found by the police, the investigation uncovers shocking revelations about the origins of The One,

and about Rebecca’s own love life.

This isn’t the first sci-fi series to toy around with what could happen to society if human relationships were reduced to data running through a computer.

In fact, only a few years ago Netflix released Osmosis,

a French drama series also about a futuristic company that sticks an implant in your head that shows you the love of your life.

The One is one part romantic drama and one part tech thriller,

as people’s desire to use technology to better our lives drives them to lie, cheat, and kill for the promise of a simpler world. ดูหนังออนไลน์ 

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