Your Zodiac Sign’s Power Color, and How to Incorporate

Your Zodiac Sign’s Power Color, and How to Incorporate

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Decorating our homes can be a fun process as we try to represent who we are through home decor. While we may have particular themes, patterns, or concepts we want to bring to life, colors play a big part in what we want to say. While it makes sense to lean towards colors you’re fond of, have you ever thought to look into the power color of your zodiac sign?

Each zodiac sign has a myriad of items associated with them, including power colors. These hues don’t necessarily have to be your favorite colors, but they do inspire and embody certain characteristics that highlight each sign’s personality. There are plenty of ways to use these colors around your house, and you might be surprised at the results! Check out your zodiac sign below and see how you can incorporate your power color into your home.

Aquarius: Blue
Aquarius signs are often full of ideas and a desire to learn more about the world around them. Your brain is always on the move, but you’re at your best when you can relax and focus on what’s most important to you. Blue is a naturally relaxing shade, so try to use it in places you go to unwind, whether that’s your bedroom, a nook, or even the living room. You’re always one to do things a little off-script, so find some blue books to stack on your table or hang some interesting artwork where blue is the main focus. Especially when you want to be creative, blue stirs up some interesting concepts for you while also keeping you calm and grounded.

Pisces: Seafoam Green
Pisces signs are dreamy and idealistic, so it makes sense that your color is a light green shade often compared to seafoam. The pale green hue is connected to the environment and holds strong associations with healing and renewal, both areas you excel in. You’ll want to bring this color into any space used for relaxation, refreshment, or a place to get away from the world. Your bathroom is a favorable option as a place you likely start and end your day. Paint the walls for a more permanent fix, or add small touches like a shower curtain and bathroom rug if you need to change things up.

Aries: Red
The color red symbolizes power, energy, and motivation. It’s no wonder it’s the power color of Aries! With your robust and innovative spirit, you need something that keeps up with you. Place red anywhere in your home that you need to reenergize or bring to life. A statement piece like a red couch or even an accent wall is a great way to embrace your daring personality. It’s a remarkably flexible color to work with and invigorates a fresh passion, so take advantage of it!

Taurus: Green
Green is a direct representation of the natural world, growth, and stability, which fits the Taurus personality well! You’re grounded and dedicated, but you also know when it’s time to shed the old and invite in the new. Placing green in areas that need some down-to-earth energy or needs some comfort. Fresh plants are a beautiful and creative way to bring in the color. Still, you can also lean towards soft items like curtains, pillows, or blankets to evoke the same feeling.  ออกแบบบ้าน

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